10 Ways to Stay Active During the Holidays

Between the pies, parties and present shopping, the holiday season can be a blur. It’s over before you know it, and then you realize you haven’t worked out in weeks! While it may be hard to schedule some time at the gym, there are ways you can still fit exercise into your hectic holiday schedule.

  1. Make it legit. Signing up for a race or other fitness competition gives you motivation to stay in shape over the holidays, especially if you paid an entrance fee!
  2. Get outside. While it may be tempting to just bundle up inside, put on your coat and go exploring! Go for a hike or build a snowman to get moving.
  3. Set goals. Challenging yourself to complete a goal will keep you focused on fitness. Whatever you choose, make sure to track your progress!
  4. Workout buddy. Enlist a friend to get fit along side you! This makes workouts more fun while also keeping you accountable.
  5. Treat yourself. Skip the pie and treat yourself to some new workout gear, if your budget allows. You’ll look good and feel good when you step into the gym!
  6. Fitness tradition. Add an activity to your holiday tradition list! You can check to see if there are any fun, festive runs in your area or make up your own event.
  7. Group activity. If you have company visiting town, get everyone involved in the fun. Invite family and friends to join you at the gym, or opt for sightseeing on foot.
  8. Dance. If you find yourself filled with festive energy, pump up the jams and dance like no one is watching!
  9. Kid around. Face it, no one ever gets too old for winter fun! Go ice skating, sledding or build an igloo to get your heart rate up.
  10. Yard work. Whether your leaves need raking or snow needs shoveling, tidying up your hard is a great way to work some major muscle groups.

If pain keeps you from getting moving this holiday season, visit Airrosti. Our providers treat your pain directly at the source to relieve it completely and quickly. Happy holidays!
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