Tendonitis Prevention Tips

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All systems of the human body rely on movement and coordination to function. When pain or injury inhibits movement, it can also disrupt our ability to function. Tendonitis is one of the most common injuries capable of hindering our mobility – and it can happen almost anywhere in the body. While an injury like tendonitis […]

Baker’s Elbow: The Unusual Hazard of Hobbies

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In 2020 we saw a renaissance of sorts while we were stuck at home. Many of us began to experiment with new creative forms of expression – from learning how to garden to baking the perfect sourdough. While these new interests can provide many benefits, they can also give rise to some unusual injuries.   […]

6 Ways to Help Prevent Workout-Related Pain

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Whether it’s a stiff muscle, a sore joint, or an ache deep in your bones, workout pain can slow you down and leave you discouraged. Fortunately, many causes of workout-related pain can be fixed or improved with time. Here are six steps you can take to help keep your workouts pain free.   1. Warm […]