Stretches and Recovery Exercises for Cross Country Running

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In cross country races, athletes trade in the track and smooth pavement for more natural, and likely rough, terrain. Many runners train vigorously to gain the strength and endurance required for a cross country race in an uncontrolled environment. This training process requires the athlete to maintain a delicate balance between fitness gains and recovery […]

Outdoor Workouts for Stronger Calves

Outdoor workouts for stronger calves

“Never skip leg day” is a common sentiment in the world of fitness. While you don’t want to miss an opportunity to strengthen your foundation, sometimes spending leg day inside a gym can get repetitive and boring. If you want to switch up your gym routine while still getting a good leg workout in, we’ve […]

Stretches & Exercises for Calf Strains

Calf Strain Mobility-small Today Airrosti’s Tom Danisiewicz, DC, demonstrates a few simple stretches for calves that can help relieve pain from calf strains. The soleus and gastroc stretches can help ease a pulled calf muscle and improve flexibility, while strengthening exercises like calf raises can help keep those muscles strong. schedule now

Mobile Stretches for Better Posture

stretches for better posture

Slouching over a computer all day or constantly looking down at your smartphone can be a major contributing factor to bad posture. This hunched position curves your spine into an unnatural position. Over time, it can lead to neck pain, headaches, chest tightness, and back pain. If pain is making your day-to-day difficult, schedule a NO-COST video […]

Tips to Help Increase Your Speed

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Whether you’re running for fun or training for a race, you’re always looking for ways to get faster. These tips, combined with consistency and hard work, can help take your running to the next level.   Tips To Run Faster And Better While improving stamina and strength help reduce your risk of injury, sometimes aches and […]