5 Ways to Help Ease Leg Pain During Pregnancy

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In the second and third trimester of pregnancy, many women suffer from painful leg cramps, or charley horses, at night. These nighttime cramps can make it impossible to achieve restful sleep, creating a cycle of pain, stress, and exhaustion. Learn more about what causes this disruptive phenomenon and what steps you can take to help […]

Common Causes of Leg Pain


Have you recently woken up to gnawing leg pain? Stopped in the middle of a run due to leg cramps? Noticed a sharp, sudden pain in your leg after a fall? You may be suffering from an untreated leg injury. Here we cover a few of the most common causes of leg pain and share […]

Simple Foam Roller Exercises for Leg Pain

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https://youtu.be/t-WMjDSKPVs Join Heather Wedding, MS, ATC, as she demonstrates a few simple foam rolling exercises you can perform each day to help relieve stiffness and pain in the legs. In just 5 minutes, you will learn how to use a foam roller to effectively release muscle tension in the quadriceps, adductors, IT band, and calves. […]

Tennis Elbow vs. Golfer’s Elbow: What’s the Difference?

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To make some injuries less ambiguous to their patients, physicians often give complicated injuries a more relatable name. For instance, the common name for lateral epicondylitis is “tennis elbow,” since athletes who play tennis and other racket sports often struggle with this injury. Common names can give someone a quick idea of what their condition […]