Common Causes of Elbow Pain

Causes of Elbow Pain

The elbow is an important joint in our arm’s structure. It allows you to bend and twist your arm, making most arm movements like throwing a ball or doing a push-up possible. Unfortunately, because of its prevalence in our daily lives, an overuse injury in the elbow joint is common. Overuse injuries often occur when […]

Computer Elbow: How Office Ergonomics Contribute to Elbow Pain

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The elbow is a complex joint that allows you to extend, flex, and rotate the hand and forearm. Because most arm movements are a combination of these actions, elbow pain can render many of these movements difficult to nearly impossible. For those who work at a computer, elbow pain can slow you down, negatively affecting […]

Stretches and Exercises for Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain Mobility Join Airrosti’s Anthony Pavlich, PT, DPT as he goes over 3 simple exercises to help alleviate elbow pain. By stretching through the wrist, forearm, and biceps you can help keep the muscles around the elbow joint loose and pain free. Working on strengthening exercises can also help stabilize the elbow joint and ease tension. […]

Tendonitis Prevention Tips for Basketball Players

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Basketball is a sport that challenges your limits-from sprinting up and down the court, to guarding your opponent, to passing and shooting the ball from a variety of distances and positions. Unfortunately, painful injuries like tendonitis are common conditions that affect even the most seasoned athletes, bringing your game to a grinding halt. Injuries can […]

Tips to Help Avoid Common Weightlifting Injuries

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On the surface, weightlifting seems simple – like all you need to do is repeatedly pick up heavy objects and put them back down. While this sport is considered friendly to all fitness levels, it is anything but simple. If you’re trying to progress to heavier lifts, you’ll need to pay attention to more than […]