Provider Spotlight: Justin Bryant, DC

Meet our Provider of the Month, Justin Bryant, DC! This month we caught up with him to learn more about his practice. Call us at (800) 404-6050 to schedule your appointment today. schedule now Where is your practice? Fairfax, VA Where are you originally from? Southern California How long have you been with Airrosti? 7+ years. […]

Exercises and Stretches to Relieve Heel Pain

Heel Pain

Airrosti provider Anthony Pavlich, Pt, DPT, demonstrates three simple exercises to help relieve heel pain. These exercises will help improve heel and calf mobility and strengthen your leg muscles. You’ll also learn how to use a foam roller to help eliminate muscle tension. Schedule an Appointment

Injury Spotlight: Heel Pain

Injury spotlight: heel pain Join Airrosti’s Caitlin Jones, DC,  as she discusses common causes of heel pain. She’ll go over various conditions like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and heel spurs that can all trigger pain in the heel area. Learn more about traditional treatment options for heel pain and discover how Airrosti can help you get back on […]

Five Non-surgical Treatment Options for Heel Pain

5 non-surgical treat,emt options for heel pain

Heel pain can bring your day to a grinding halt. Here are 5 non-surgical, conservative treatment options for heel pain. Surgery is often recommended as a last resort for those suffering from chronic or severe heel pain, after all other conservative options are exhausted. Before deciding to get surgery for your heel pain, try these […]