Patient Story: 24-Year-Old Pain, Gone

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Continually living in pain had become a reality for this patient after suffering a weightlifting accident over two decades ago. Thankfully, he was introduced to Airrosti’s Dr. Paul Unger and four treatment sessions later, his pain disappeared. Read the incredible full story below.

In 1988, I had a terrible weight lifting accident which sent me to the ER. After an exhausting number of tests, it was determined that at least one lumbar vertebrate was fractured and at least two discs were ruptured. The actual term the Orthopedist used was “disintegrated.”
I struggled with severe pain for four years, until I relented and underwent an eleven hour surgery, which involved spinal fusion. The surgery did nothing to relieve the pain.
For twenty-four years, I’ve struggled daily with pain management.
In 2015, I happened to meet a very well known Orthopedic Surgeon, at the Ironman Sports Medicine Institute, and who happens to be a spine specialist with an NFL team. After reviewing my case, he told me that it’s time for me to leave the surgeons alone. He gave me a referral to an Airrosti Rehab Center, and let me know that this treatment is different than anything I’ve ever tried. He also insured me that it would work.
Skeptically, I followed his recommendation. After two treatments, the intense sharp, burning pain was greatly reduced. After my fourth treatment, it was gone. Twenty-four years of suffering was gone in only two weeks. I’m now back in the gym, taking long runs on the beach, and feeling like I’m a kid again!
– Michael Corder

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