Airrosti Partners with Camp Gladiator Games

This year Airrosti is taking our partnership with Camp Gladiator to the next level. Airrosti is not only the Presenting sponsor of the Camp Gladiator Games Finals,  but also the official Athlete Services provider for the Games. This Saturday in Austin, Texas, our Treatment Teams will be at the Games to provide complimentary treatment and taping to CG Games competitors, helping them stay pain free as the compete for the top spot.

Airrosti at CG Games

In addition to the Airrosti Athlete Services area located within the Athlete Cool Down Tent we will also have an information booth in the Partner Village.
Spectators can visit our booth in the Partner Village to learn more about Airrosti or schedule an appointment with an Airrosti provider. We will also be giving away some great prizes including a FitBit Surge, RockTape RockNRoller, Airrosti treatment vouchers and more!
In the Athlete Cool Down Tent, Airrosti Certified Providers and Certified Recovery Specialists will be on hand to help athletes with any aches, pains or stiffness they may feel throughout the day. They will work quickly and efficiently to relieve the pain at the source so that these athletes are feeling great and ready to go for the next event. We will also have a mobility station equipped with foam rollers and lacrosse balls for competitors to keep their muscles loose and ready to work.

Airrosti Near You

During each treatment session at Airrosti, our providers evaluate the patient’s current issue and perform simple exercises to test range of motion. Once the source of the pain has been identified, the provider will use a hands-on method and treat it directly at the source. After treatment, the provider will teach the patient personalized stretches and stability exercises to help speed recovery and prevent future injuries.
These methods combined keep pain at bay and allows each and every camper to push themselves and reach their goals.

Don’t let aches and pains keep you out of the game, contact Airrosti today to find a provider near you.


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