Preventing Low Back Pain in Young Athletes

preventing low back pain in young athletes

The following post was written by Katie Surls, DC, in honor of our new partnership with PASS San Antonio, The Players Academy of Soccer Skills. If you’re the parent of a young soccer player (or any young athlete), read on to learn more about how to prevent the most common sports-related injury: low back pain. […]

What’s the Best Way to Warm Up for Deadlifts to Avoid Injuries?

Recently, Airrosti’s Travis Owens, DC stopped by Fit Stop CrossFit to share a few warm-up exercises and stretches to prepare for deadlift-heavy workouts! Watch as he explains how to properly activate your muscles before deadlifting and how to reduce your risk of strain or injury! Schedule an Appointment

Uncovering the Surprising Causes of Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain: Airrosti Webinar Video

Follow along with Airrosti’s Tom Danisiewicz, DC as he explains some of the misconceptions and interesting facts of Low Back Pain. This is just a snippet from our free monthly webinar series that covers many of the most common conditions that we see in office. If you’d like to sign up for our next webinar, […]