Best Swimming Warm-up Stretches

Warm Up for Swimming

Get ready to make a splash! Warming up before you hit the pool is key to having a smooth swim and reducing your risk of injury. Dive in with Airrosti’s Frederick Rankin, DC as he guides you through three warm-up stretches for swimming that can help activate your upper and lower body. Incorporate this swimming […]

Provider Spotlight: Alexis Janovsky, DC

Provider Spotlight: Alexis Janovsky, DC - Fort Worth, TX

Meet our Provider of the Month, Alexis Janovsky, DC. We caught up with her to learn about her first job, her favorite vacation, and her favorite holiday! schedule now Where is your practice? My practice is in West Fort Worth, Texas. Where are you originally from? I am originally from Flower Mound, Texas. How long […]

What is Upper Cross Syndrome?

What is Upper Cross Syndrome?

Do you want know to more about Upper Cross Syndrome? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading below to learn more about this muscular imbalance, a few factors and signs, and some lifestyle changes you can make that may help! schedule now What Is Upper Cross Syndrome? Upper Cross Syndrome (also known as UCS) involves a […]

How to Avoid Neck Pain from Your Phone

Dealing with Pain From Phone Use? Try These Tips! Neck pain and back pain from phone use can leave you with some aches and discomfort. Watch our video for 3 simple tips to prevent pain while using your phone, whether standing, sitting, or lying down. Learn how to adjust your viewing angles and improve your posture. Start making these changes now for more […]