Ankle Sprains: Rehab and Prevention

If you’ve ever rolled or twisted your ankle awkwardly after a misstep, you’ve likely experienced joint pain from the ankle’s ligaments suddenly stretching. Ankle sprains occur when these ligaments become overstretched and torn.

Ankle sprains are very common injuries in the US, with over a million cases reported each year. They are some of the most common injuries people face when participating in various sports that require multifaceted movements. Because the ankle is such a complex and fragile joint, and a critical structure to the body’s mobility and support, many athletic sports and physical movements carry a higher risk of ankle injuries for athletes. Movements like running, jumping, and pivoting can lead to an ankle sprain if the athlete trips or falls.

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How to Train for a Pain-Free 5k

Completing a 5k race is an achievement for any runner wishing to gauge their progress and test their mettle against their peers. Unfortunately, jumping into 5k training leads many new runners to the doctor’s office instead of the finish line. Running without practicing proper mechanics or recovery can lead to lingering forms of knee, foot, or IT band pain. Ignoring these pains will eventually lead to a more serious overuse injury on race day.

Here are seven simple tips to help you train for your first pain-free 5k.

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