Christy Phillips Adkins: CrossFitter and Airrosti Advocate

Christy Phillips Adkins is a highly respected professional CrossFitter. She has competed in The CrossFit Games for the last five years — this year makes six. During The 2013 CrossFit Games, Christy took first place in The CrossFit Games Mid Atlantic Regionals and finished seventh place overall in The CrossFit Games finals in California. To Christy, being a CrossFitter is about doing what she loves.
In an interview with CrossFit Christy said, “My favorite part is the feeling of ‘I’m an athlete and this is what I do.'” Christy doesn’t want anything, especially pain, to stand in the way of her doing what she loves. This is why she trusts Airrosti to keep her pain-free and performing her best.

CrossFit Training

This is the sixth year in a row that Christy is training for The CrossFit Games. Each year the workouts get tougher, so her training must follow. She mostly trains at a CrossFit affiliate gym and has a coach who determines her training programs. Along with her training program, Christy does the WOD (workout of the day) with other members at CrossFit MPH. Currently her benchmark times for the Fran, Helen and Grace WODs are 2:49, 8:07 and 2:46, respectively. While Christy does multiple workouts a day usually three or more times a week, she does allow herself days off to rest and let her muscles recover.

Active Recovery

A few months before The 2013 Regional CrossFit Games, Christy began having back and hip pain after switching up her workout routine. After hearing about Airrosti and their manual therapy techniques, she decided to give it a try. “I’m always interested in recovery techniques. It’s just a big component of how I train and how I prepare for competition. It’s just as important to recover as to train,” said Christy.
Airrosti’s Dr. Kempe in Virginia was able to relieve Christy’s pain quickly. The hands-on and personalized method used by Airrosti Certified Providers pinpoints the underlying cause of  the pain and stops it, fast. They examine the location of the pain and then further assess other components, such as exercise form, to get an accurate diagnosis.
When talking about why she loves Airrosti, Christy said “An experienced practitioner is actually getting their hands in there and chasing the pain and the problem. Not only that but he’s also teaching exercises and mobility that I can do at home so I can build on the progress that we made in that session.”
The Providers at Airrosti often prescribe at-home stretches, exercises and active rehab to help speed recovery and prevent future injuries. They train their patients to use special tools such as Lacrosse Balls and Foam Rollers so that they can keep moving forward with their recovery even after their visit ends.
“They’re just such an immediate solution, and just to have that resource available to you as a CrossFit athlete is priceless,” said Christy.

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