Patient Story: Enjoying Better Days

Pain first thing in the morning is not a pleasant way to start a new day. After suffering with this for months, this patient finally found relief with Airrosti’s Dr. Bryson Clark. With each session, this patient’s pain decreased and she is now able to easily get out of bed in the mornings! Read her full Airrosti story below.

I am a 68-year-old female whose lower back pain was really bothering me and restricting my activities. It was especially painful when I got out of bed each morning. I had seen several doctors who told me there was nerve damage, but didn’t offer anything to help it.
A friend suggested I see an Airrosti doctor for some possible help. This interested me greatly because my daughter, who lived in another city had just reported how two Airrosti treatments had taken care of her plantar fasciitis that she had suffered with for months.   She knew that they worked on pain in many areas.
I called the Airrosti office immediately and got an appointment to see a doctor near my home. At the Airrosti office I was greeted by Dr. Bryson Clark, a very personable and friendly young man who was extremely interested and willing to see what he could do for me.
He spent the first session getting to know me and accessing my situation. He worked some on the lower back wanting to determine if he thought he could help. We decided to give it a try. In each of the next sessions, he spent most of the hour working on my lower back and I would leave with it feeling better.
Dr. Clark gave me exercises to do at home. He showed me how to use tape that helped me stand straighter making the lower back feel better. Each time I left feeling the session had been beneficial. My pain has not totally subsided, but it has become less and I have been able to enjoy my days better. The pain I have when I get out of bed in the morning has greatly decreased.
I would recommend the Airrosti treatment to anyone needing help with soft tissue pain. It could be very helpful in relieving pain in many parts of the body and certainly worth giving it a chance.
– Sandra Parish

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