Expanding Healthcare with Telehealth

Expanding Healthcare with Telehealth

Pain can inhibit your quality of life, and for some, it can make the workday unbearable. In these uncertain times, many of us are staying safe at home, while others are working to ensure essential services are still running smoothly. Unfortunately, regardless of where you work, injuries can still occur. While we are encouraging everyone to practice social distancing to take care of themselves and their community, we are still here to serve our communities and our patients.

Although we do still have options for in-office visits available, our patients can also connect to their Airrosti providers through our new telehealth services.

What is Airrosti Telehealth?                   

If you’re suffering from an injury or pain, our Airrosti Providers can deliver our musculoskeletal expertise directly to you with Airrosti’s Telehealth Services. For your virtual appointment, you will need either a smartphone, tablet, or computer equipped with a camera. During this session, your provider will conduct a thorough evaluation to give you an accurate diagnosis via a video call. They’ll also create a custom treatment plan for you to complete at home.

What to Expect During Your Telehealth Visit

Experiencing virtual treatment for an injury or pain can seem intimidating at first, which is why we at Airrosti are taking every possible step to ensure we provide the same clinical expertise and commitment to your health that you would experience face to face.

During your first virtual visit, you will consult with an Airrosti provider who will walk you through a step-by-step orthopedic evaluation to accurately diagnose your injury and identify the source of your pain.

Next, your provider will educate you on the specifics of your injury while prescribing a personalized recovery plan with home-care instructions. This recovery plan will include specific, customized exercises designed to improve the body’s mobility, stability, and strength. Combined, these active rehab exercises address the root of your injury.

Expanding Healthcare Availability

We want to give our patients options while continuing to provide expert care and valuable treatment. While our clinics still have appointments available, Airrosti’s Telehealth Services allow you to connect with our professional treatment teams from the safety of your home. It also allows you flexibility when booking your appointment because it cuts out the travel time to and from the office.

Expert Care with Convenient Access

Although in-person visits are preferable for faster injury resolution, sometimes traveling to a clinic for treatment is simply not possible. If you’re at home and don’t feel comfortable coming into an office, Airrosti’s Telehealth program can help you get back on your feet.

Even though you won’t be in the same room, you will still be able to communicate directly with your provider via video calls to explain your symptoms and receive an accurate diagnosis. They’ll equip you with the knowledge and exercises to take your rehab into your own hands.

Reducing Hospital Strain

Currently, many of our hospitals are working at or over-capacity to combat COVID-19, while still treating patients for various other illnesses and injuries. At Airrosti, we are determined to help reduce the strain on the hospital system and assist those whose essential job functions may be impacted by musculoskeletal injuries. By continuing to offer in-office treatment, and the addition of telehealth options, we are focused on helping as many patients as possible.

We’re Here for You

Our goal is to help you get back to living pain free, from the comfort and convenience of your own home. As always, if Airrosti cannot resolve your injury, your provider will assist you in receiving an appropriate care referral.

Learn more about Airrosti Telehealth or call our patient advocate team at (800) 404-6050 and schedule your virtual appointment today.

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