John Thresher

John Thresher
VP of Strategy

John serves with the Strategy Team in the development of key strategic healthcare, broker and carrier partnerships. Working in the healthcare industry for more than 12 years, John is passionate about Airrosti’s ability to make a dramatic impact for patients and payors alike. John has been married for 20 years to his wife Kari and they have two incredible daughters.

John spent 8 years serving in the military as an Aviation Officer prior to starting a career in healthcare.  Now he spends his spare time serving as a UH-60 Black Hawk instructor pilot in the Texas Army National Guard.

WHAT DOES AIRROSTI MEAN TO YOU? Airrosti is an amazing group of people doing everything they can to help others.  I love working at a place that is focused on positively impacting lives.  If you’ve ever been in pain or known someone in pain and then seen the difference when that pain is dramatically reduced or eliminated…so awesome!

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE? “Work hard, keep your mouth shut and good things happen” – Coach Daryl Auschlager, Lawton High School Wolverines

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