How To: Prevent Delayed Muscle Soreness

Ever wonder why it takes a day or two to feel sore after your workout? You may leave the gym a little sore, but a day or two later it hurts to lift your arms to just wash your hair!

This experience is known as DOMS, or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

While you may not feel it for a few days, DOMS actually begins during your workout. As you start a new workout, or increase intensity of a routine workout, you create small microscopic tears in your muscles.
Following your workout, your body starts to repair these tiny tears. This makes your muscles stronger, while making stairs seem like your mortal enemy.

Preventing Muscle Soreness

There are many ways to prevent muscle soreness after an intense gym session. One way is to follow up your sweat session with foods high in Omega 3s like salmon, spinach, and nuts. These foods boost circulation, which reduces inflammation as your muscles heal.
Foam rolling after a workout also increases blood flow to your exerted muscles. Rolling out these muscles not only increases flexibility by working out adhesions on your fascia, but it also increases blood flow to minimize soreness.
It’s also important to do a proper warm-up and cool-down before and after every workout. This will loosen up your muscles so they are ready to work. Limbering up also helps prevent strains and sprains which can be caused by starting or stopping a workout too a quickly.

How Airrosti Can Help

Experiencing DOMS is your body’s way of telling you that it needs a rest. If you’re feeling a little sore, keep those muscles moving to increase blood flow, but take it easy by lowering your intensity.
If your pain is really intense, you may have pushed yourself too hard and injured yourself. For example, if it hurts to even put weight on your leg, you may have a sprain.
At Airrosti, our providers pinpoint the underlying cause of your pain and treat it directly at the source. Not only do we eliminate this pain quickly, we educate our patients on ways to prevent future injuries and practice active rehab exercises at home.
If pain has been keeping you from completing your best workout, contact Airrosti today to find a provider near you.

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