How To: Stick to Your Workout

Starting a new workout routine is exciting! On day one you are pumped, motivated and ready to get moving. Day two is roughly the same. Throughout the whole first week you’re completely devoted. And then a few weeks later life catches up with you. You may get a cold or your child’s soccer practice time conflicts with your gym time. Missing your exercise time can leave you feeling deflated and apathetic.
Feeling like this doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You can get out of your rut and stay committed to a healthy and active lifestyle. These four simple tips will help you stick to your workouts.

  1. Count Everything. Walking across the parking lot, playing with your kids, pushing around a shopping cart — all of these things add up throughout the day. Once you start tracking these movements and giving yourself credit for them, it will make you feel more successful and give you a little boost. Giving yourself credit for the small things encourages you to keep moving!
  2. Think About Right Now. Driving to the gym, changing your clothes, and going to a workout class can take upwards of an hour out of your day. To many people, dedicating such a large chunk of your day to exercise seems daunting. Stop thinking about the time you need to set aside and start thinking about what you can do right now. Whenever you have a small amount of time ask yourself what you can accomplish within this window. You might end up doing a few pushups or run up the stairs a couple times.
  3. Do What You Like. Exercise is hard enough as it is, so make it easier on yourself by doing something you actually like. Maybe you’d rather go to a dance class than run a mile. Either way, you’re still getting your body moving and your heart pumping! By keeping exercise fun, you’re more likely to stick with it and make it a part of your routine.
  4. Focus On One Change. When people focus on getting healthy they often focus on many things at once. Instead of focusing on exercise, diet, and moderation, focus on just adding some exercise into your life. By keeping it fun and fitting it in where you can, you’re less likely to stress about it and more likely to make it a habit.

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