Patient Story: Independent and Pain Free

What I think I love most about Dr. Maraffa is he doens't want me to become dependent on him for my wellbeing.

At Airrosti, we focus on educating our patients and developing custom at-home active rehab routines so that our patients have the knowledge and skills to help speed their recovery and prevent future injures on their own. Today’s story from one of Dr. Maraffa’s patients is a great example of how we aim to help our patients stay independent and pain free.

Dr. Maraffa has been such a blessing to me; he has literally changed my life and allowed me to change my thoughts from “if I could” to “when I can.”
When I first came to him last year, I was in really bad shape and having difficulty just being able to do everyday things in life because of hip and lower back pain. I was born with hip dysplasia, had reconstructive surgery at age four, and have had arthritis and been in chronic pain since I was eight. In my thirties, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I had the belief that I was just destined to live in pain.
My average daily pain level used to be a 5 on a good day and more often a 6 or 7 before narcotic pain medication. Having been told by a doctor at age eighteen that I would wind up having to have my hip replaced by the age of thirty, I never questioned my difficulty and pain. I was just thankful I was able to endure and hoped to make it to sixty before I had to get the hip replaced.
I have done periodic therapy over the years of many types for my hips and other physical issues I have had. Airrosti works faster and better than anything I have ever done. Although we need to work on musculature issues, the muscles are unable to function correctly and optimally if the connective tissues are not dealt with. A combination of myofacial release and balancing the muscles have had tremendous results for me.
I went from being in extreme pain when doing my rounds at work to completing my first semester of nursing school (including twelve hour clinicals on my feet once a week) while continuing to work full time almost an hour away from home without narcotic pain medication. My pain level is at an average of 2 or 3 most days.
I recently came back in for some work because I had started working out and was having difficulties with my hip again. After this round of therapy, I have had a couple of pain free days and am more flexible than I have been since I was in my mid-teens.
What I think I love most about Dr. Maraffa is that unlike others I have gone to for help in the past, he doesn’t want me to become dependent on him for my wellbeing. He teaches me what is going on with my body, what has caused it and how to alleviate it myself. If you are interested in living a more active life with less pain, I invite you to take control of your life and see Dr. Keith Maraffa or an Airrosti provider near you.
– Kimberly Rice

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