Knocking Out Nasty Knots

Knocking Nasty Knots

Dull, aching pain can put a crick in anyone’s day. The soreness can last for hours or even days, disrupting your daily life and stopping you from enjoying your favorite activities. Virtually everyone has felt this type of pain in their muscles before and it can be difficult to ignore. If you’ve ever felt a small, hard lump in the affected muscle, the culprit is likely a muscle knot.

Knots are specific areas of the muscle fiber and fascia that become contracted and tight over time. Even at rest, these areas of hyper-tense muscle mass can throw your body off balance. These tense areas can sometimes become so irritated that they start to interfere with your daily life. A knot, no matter big or small, can limit your range of motion and become a constant source of distracting headaches, stress, and pain.

How Knots Form

Knots develop when a muscle is overused from repetitive movements or strained from poor posture. Slouching over a keyboard or sitting with a hunched back on a regular basis can add unnecessary tension in the neck, back and shoulder muscles. Repeated improper workout form can also lead to painful muscle knots. Listen to your body and be conscientious of your posture. Cases of localized pain should be addressed and treated swiftly to avoid an injury further down the road.

Loosen Those Knots

Since muscles can tighten and become stiff over time, getting a massage can be a wonderful way to relax your muscles and de-stress. But did you know you can also massage your own muscles at home using a foam roller? Try rolling out the affected muscles with a foam roller or lacrosse ball for a couple of minutes.

How Airrosti Can Help

At Airrosti, our providers pinpoint the root of your pain and treat it directly at the source. During each treatment session, your provider will conduct a thorough, comprehensive evaluation to locate the issue and develop a custom treatment plan. In addition to the hands-on treatment, patients also receive personalized instructions on how to speed recovery between visits. Don’t let pain keep you from living your life. Contact Airrosti today to find a provider near you.


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