Learn to Love Your Workout

Fitting in a good workout is so much harder when you’re dreading it. Dragging your feet to the gym and constantly checking your watch during your class makes time tick by so slowly.
Working out doesn’t have to be like this. There are small changes you can make to improve your mood and outlook on exercise. The habits below can help you learn to love your workout.

Habits for Happy Workouts

1. Do workouts you enjoy. If you hate running, don’t run. If you hate going to the gym, stick to the outdoors. Don’t force yourself to do “traditional” workouts if that’s not your style. Do whatever you like to do that gets you moving — dance, skate, swim. You’re more likely to actually like what you’re doing and look forward to getting your heart rate up.
2. Find a workout buddy. Working out with a friend has so many benefits! You have someone to share the experience with so you can motivate each other. You’re also less likely to ditch the gym if your friend is counting on you. See if any of your friends want to get in shape with you, or you can make new friends by joining a running club or signing up for a new fitness class.
3. Get outside. When the weather is nice, being outside makes you feel alive, energized and free. Biking along a path, jogging through your neighborhood or practicing yoga in the park can be a great alternative to the closed, stuffy gym. When working out makes you feel this great, you’re more likely to do it again.
4. Don’t focus on weight loss. Short-term goals are much more motivating than long-term goals. Instead of constantly focusing on those 20 pounds you want to lose, focus on how energized you feel immediately after a workout. Pay attention to how easy it is to go up a flight of stairs now. Notice that you can actually keep up with your kids without getting winded. When you recognize these small accomplishments, the pounds will start to come off.
5. Pump up the jams. Music is a huge motivator. The beat can not only get you moving, but it can distract you from fatigue. Don’t waste time skipping around to find that perfect song, compile a list of your favorite motivational songs before your workout. This way as soon as you walk into the gym you’re ready to go!
6. Track  your progress. Using a tracking tool like a FitBit gives you instant feedback on your workout. You can track your heart rate, your distance and your calories burned. This can help you push yourself further to set a new personal record. You’ll also be more connected to your workouts so you can learn which type of workouts work best for your personal style.
7. Dress the part. Buying fun athletic gear can be a great motivator to get out of the house and get moving. While you don’t need expensive athletic gear to have a good workout, it could inspire you to get to the gym and boost your confidence. If you look like you should be working out, you’ll probably feel better working out. Get yourself with some new kicks and running shorts, and when you meet your next goal, go out and get some more gear and a reward!

Don’t Let Pain Stop You

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