Marathon Tips: From Boston to Brazil

Spring Marathon Season is now in full swing. Seasoned and rookie runners alike have been prepping training for months for these long runs. It takes commitment, perseverance and some major willpower to make it to the finish line. Whether you’re running the famous 26.2 miles in Boston or the grueling mega marathon of 135 miles in Brazil, here are some little  marathon tips  you can do to make the best of your run.

Before: Train for Success

Taper training.While it may seem counterintuitive to lessen your mileage as you get closer to the race, it is the best way to prepare your body. Don’t push yourself too hard right before the race. It’s best not to exceed 40 percent of your peak weekly mileage the week leading up to the run. Keeping your training light that week will leave you craving a long run on race day, which is exactly what you want.
Review the course.Take some extra time to download the course map and get familiar with it. By no means do you need to memorize the course since there will be thousands of other runners going along with you, but studying the map will help you develop a visual picture of the start and finish locations. By knowing the course, you can also break it up into smaller segments so it’s easier for you to mentally digest your distance while you’re running.

During: Pace Yourself

Play Games.Getting through a marathon is as much a mental feat as a physical one. In order to keep your mind busy and positive, try playing a game. You can try to sing a whole song, in your head, from start to finish, quizzing yourself on the correct lyrics. Or you can play a numbers game and try to figure out what percentage of the race you’ve completed. By taking your mind of the task at hand, you’re distracted enough to keep running without feeling bored.
Walk a minute.There is no need to run the entire race. Walking is good. If you’ve found that you’ve started out too fast or you’re just having a tough day, a minute or two of walking can help you get your focus back. Some runners walk one minute at every mile-marker to give themselves a mini recovery so they can stay focused, steady and strong throughout the race.

After: Recover and Recoup

Recover.Immediately after the race it’s best to hydrate and refuel with some good foods, like bananas. In the weeks following the race, take a few days off to recover, then start working your way back up to your steady workouts. If the race left you in any pain, it’s best to seek the help of the professionals at Airrosti. The Airrosti Certified Providers will assess the cause of your pain and correct the issue so that you’re back on the running trail in no time. The Airrosti Certified Providers can also prescribe some Foam Roller or Lacrosse Ball exercises to help ease sore muscles and speed recovery.
Celebrate.Take time to soak up the glory and relish in your achievement, you deserve it. All your time and training paid off and you made it to the finish line. You’re now officially a marathoner, and that is a good excuse as any to celebrate in your own style.
Photo: By Martineric from Lille, France (Marathon de New York : Verrazano Bridge) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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