Meet Team Lone Star CrossFit!

Team Lone Star Crossfit

They’re bringing the Texas heat to Wisconsin for this year’s 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games!  Meet the athletes from Team Lone Star CrossFit and find out how Airrosti will be supporting individuals from the sidelines as the official Rapid Recovery Provider of CrossFit.

Airrosti has treated countless athletes over the past 17 years, both in and outside the box. This year, our providers will be traveling to Madison, Wisconsin to support all the athletes as they compete for the title of Fittest on Earth at the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games. We have also partnered up with Team Lone Star CrossFit to share their experience in the CrossFit Games and find out how they motivate themselves, and each other, to keep pushing forward.


Casey Viator Crossfit

Team Lone Star’s captain, Casey Viator, has been Crossfitting for the past five years. He currently works for Alert Services, a sports medicine company. His favorite CrossFit movement is the Heavy Clean, a classic Olympic movement that requires immense amounts of strength, mobility, and coordination to perform. Casey’s motivation to compete can be found in his innate love of fitness and competition.

“I want to continue to achieve goals that most people may consider impossible. Honestly, I just love to compete in physical fitness.”

How Casey Found Airrosti:

“Two weeks into the 2021 CrossFit Open I developed a sharp pain in my right pectoral. After seeing Daniel Bazan, DC, and having him do some active mobility with hands-on manipulation, my pectoral loosened up. Following recovery procedures after that day helped me fully recovery and got me back to 100%. Without the treatment I would’ve been uncertain of the time frame when my pectoral would be healed. Going to Airrosti gave me that confidence to be active again.”


kristenwod CF

Kristen is a veteran Crossfitter of nine years and Best Practices Analyst for Cisco. She currently favors the toes-to-bar movement, an exercise that challenges her mobility and takes her core strength to the next level.

When asked what motivated Kristen to train and compete in this year’s CrossFit Games, she writes:

“I really couldn’t have my husband telling our son that he was the only Games athlete in our household. But in all seriousness, I planned to stop competing this year. I agreed to one last competition with Casey and Clay. Looking into the stands that weekend and seeing my son cheering for me changed everything. I knew I had to show him that no dream is too big, and it’s never too late to chase one down. I just want him to look back and be proud of his mom.”


Clay Faris CrossFit

Clay is a personal trainer pursuing his master’s degree in Exercise Sports Science. He’s been Crossfitting for the past three years and loves performing bar muscle-ups, a dynamic upper body exercise that puts his shoulder strength and range of motion to the test. Clay’s dedication to personal growth drives his competitive spirit.

“I enjoy competition and constantly growing. It also gave me the opportunity to meet some of my best friends!”

How Clay Found Airrosti:

“My first visit, I walked in and was greeted with smiles and great attitudes. I saw Parker Hurst, DC, and he was very enthusiastic about his job and knew how to help me. I was having an issue with tightness in the lower left side of my back, above the iliac crest. He told me what it most likely was and began to do his work. After 15 minutes of hands-on myofascial release I felt relief. Then I was brought into the following room where I was shown how to use the lacrosse ball properly! I was shown what to do on my own and I have already realized my lower back has begun to loosen up to where I used to be! I am a bit sore but that is only expected after a type of massage like that! Great experience overall and can’t wait to visit again to further my recovery!”


Sharon Aradine CrossFit

Sharon is an Air Force dentist who has been in the CrossFit box for the last eight years. Her movement of choice is the heavy squat clean. This powerful Olympic movement challenges her entire body – from the raw foundational and core power to the strength and stability in her shoulders and biceps. When asked why she decided to compete in the CrossFit Games, Sharon’s resilience and competitive spirit shines through in her response.

“The constant challenge and the chance to try and beat Casey.”

How Sharon Found Airrosti:

“So just some background; I’ve previously torn both shoulders and have had surgery on both, with my most recent surgery being last February on my right shoulder. When I hurt my left shoulder 5 weeks ago, it felt like the exact pain when I had torn it the two times in the past, and with the CrossFit Games coming up I was in pure panic mode. I was taking max doses of ibuprofen, trying to stretch it and take it easy, but nothing was working. As a Hail Mary I was going to get a cortisol injection to just work as a band aid to make it through training and the Games but decided to try Airrosti first because I want to avoid having yet another surgery. Insert Kate Lakin, DC. After the first visit I had more range of motion than I expected, which made me hopeful. Fast forward 3 visits later, and this is the first time in 5 weeks I have been able to do a workout without modifying anything and doing it pain free. I still get some pinching and slight pain, but it is nothing compared to where I was at when I first started seeing her. I have 2 more visits scheduled and I cannot wait to tell her about my workout today and how I was pain free the entire time. I also never really believed in taping, but after my visits I’ve become a believer in it (also pleasantly surprised how sticky and long it lasted). Kate Lakin, DC and Airrosti legitimately saved me in allowing me to still participate with my team at the CrossFit Games. 5 weeks ago, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to compete. I even told my teammates that I was 90% sure I was out and that they might want to start training with our alternate. It made me super excited to hear Airrosti was going to be at the Games (especially since they’re from Texas). I can’t wait to get more treatment that I’m sure I’ll use at the Games from your team, and truly owe my success and ability to compete because of Kate Lakin, DC and Airrosti. Thank you again for helping coordinate my visit and treatment, Naomi – I couldn’t have done it without you too!”

Airrosti: Keeping Athletes Strong

At the 2021 CrossFit Games, Airrosti treatment teams will provide hands-on manual therapy and recovery services to athletes, judges, and staff between events. We will work with each individual to address their pain and help them find relief as quickly as possible. We will also have recovery tools and kinesio-taping services available to help keep everyone moving.

Because we are expanding our reach to the CrossFit community nationwide, we’ll also have a booth in the vendor village to showcase our new VIP Chat and Airrosti Remote Recovery options. These new tools allow us to help CrossFitters in over 45 states.

With all the intense movements inherent in CrossFit, we want to make sure that nothing is holding you back from reaching your fitness goals. Our providers are dedicated to finding the root cause of pain and fixing injuries at the source for fast, long-lasting results. By combining a thorough evaluation and injury diagnosis with conservative, comprehensive treatment plans, Airrosti treatment can help restore function and range of motion quickly so you can return to the activities you love most.

Out of over 1,000,000 injuries treated, our patients have reported 88.3% complete injury resolution at the completion of their Airrosti treatment plan, and most injuries were resolved in 3.2 visits.

Ready to get back in the box? Schedule your appointment with an Airrosti Provider today! We offer both in-office and virtual appointments to best suit your needs. Call us at (855) 938-3153 to learn more.

Read our Medical Disclaimer here.

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