Feel the Beat: Music Enhances Your Workout

running with music

You’re heading out the door for a run. Got your keys? Check. Water bottle? Check. Phone in case of emergency? Check. Headphones? No? You better go back and get them!
A recent study showed that exercising to fast paced music, 120 -140 beats per minute, increased endurance and athletic performance in general. The study focused on a group of young men exercising on stationary bikes. When the music they were listening to increased in tempo, so did their speed. While there are no definite scientific reasons as to why this phenomenon occurs, there are a range of theories. The interplay of music and exercise crosses into many scientific domains from physiology to biomechanics to neurology. Each field has their own theory.

Physical Benefits of Workout Music

A good beat does the basics of a workout for you — it makes you want to move! Researchers found that when music has “high-groove” qualities the brain gets excited. This excitement makes the listener want to get up and move. Getting moving is often the hardest part of the workout, so let your music do the hard work for you.
Music with a good beat can also help you keep the pace when running, biking or lifting weights. The rhythm of the music stimulates the motor area of the brain and signals the body when to move. These subtle clues can help your body use energy more efficiently. This consistant pace is much easier on the body than a roller-coaster paced workout, so you won’t feel as exhausted.

Mental Benefits of Workout Music

One major benefit of listening to music while exercising is the distraction. Music can distract you from your exertion and in turn make you work harder. A study recently showed that endurance levels can increase by up to 15% when listening to music. Also, since your brain is processing so much information, it’s less likely that you will focus on that side stitch or other fatigues and be able to push through them.
Listening to music while exercising can also allow you to focus on yourself and get into your own little world. If you had a bad day at work or if you’ve just got a lot on your mind, your music can take ease your mind. Music gives you an escape from the present and allows you to focus on  yourself and power through the workout.
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Photo Courtesy: “2011 Intact Canadian Derby Marathon” by Sangudo is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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