Patient Story: 10 Years Pain-Free

This patient has been coming to Airrosti for over 10 years. With three injuries under her belt, she commends Dr. Laurie Buob for being an extremely knowledgeable provider. Read on to see what this tenured patient has to say about her Airrosti experience.

Laurie is a very knowledgeable Airrosti provider that is very educated on the human body and how it performs. She tries to find the “root” of the problem to try and treat the injury. She does everything that she can to preserve your current fitness program while rehabilitating your injury.
I have come to [Dr. Buob] with three injuries in a span of 10 years and she always helps me so much. I always feel very confident referring her to injured friends or people that I coach. They always give me good feedback regarding her care. I highly recommend trying Laurie for your injury treatment.
– Sonya Manson

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