Patient Story: 100% Improvement

After suffering from pain for over a year and not finding lasting relief through steroid injections, this patient stumbled upon Airrosti’s Dr. Jestel.  A year after his Airrosti treatment, this patient is still 100% pain free! Read the full story below.

I was suffering from intense left and right forearm pain for over a year and a half. Routinely the pain would wake me up throughout the night because the inflammation was unbearable.
I went to an orthopedic specialist to get help thinking this was a wise decision. His treatment options were steroid injections into my elbow joint or surgery. I wanted pain relief so much that I chose the injection.
Of course the pain returned a couple months later and a second shot was given. Still there was no root cause or proper solution was offered.
In the meantime, I heard of Dr. Jestel through mutual friends so I called his office and asked if they treated forearm pain or tennis elbow and if so, how many months of treatment were required. Dr. Jestel replied that yes they treat it and it would only require about 3 or 4 visits!
My treatment was well over a year ago and I am still, without a doubt, 100% better. I have had zero issues since treatment.
I am a medical professional and a long time competitive martial artist. Both require focus and hand/arm skills. Thanks to Dr. Jestel and his rehab expert Aaron, I am doing all that I want and not once since my last treatment have I experienced any forearm pain that plagued me for so long. Thank you so very much.
– Dana Ziskrout

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