Patient Story: A Valued Resource

Pushing your body to the limit can sometimes result in aches and pains. Luckily, our Airrosti docs are a great resource to help you quickly get back to your pain-free workouts. Read today’s testimonial to see how Airrosti’s Dr. Grosch helped his patient not only understand his injuries, but eliminate them.

I came to Airrosti after developing a nasty injury from training for a triathlon and doing CrossFit five times a week.
I have always been in great shape and never really experienced any significant injuries that would lead me to believe that I needed to seek medical attention for it, so this was a humbling moment for me.
Upon recommendation from a number of friends, I got into Airrosti and from the moment I walked in…I knew that I was on the road to recovery.
Dr. Grosch & Jasmine connected with me personally by taking time to listen and hear my story and easily explain what EXACTLY has happened to me, in a layman’s term, that I can understand. I was not only able to get the actual treatment, but gain a wealth of knowledge of how I can do things on a daily bases, myself, to keep this from recurring.
Honestly they gave me the tools to be able to accurately listen to my body, know how to tweak it when I have over-exerted myself and a confidence of how to move forward in a sustainable way.
I love Airrosti and it will no doubt be a continued resource of mine for years and years to come.
– Brad Otts

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