Patient Story: Airline Ailments

I'm the biggest advocate of Airrosti. It has been my saving grace. Elizabeth Rose

When your job has you constantly on the move, there’s no time to stop for pain. Read how Airrosti’s Dr. Huy Le helped this flight attendant eliminate numerous aches and pains to keep her flying high.

First, I should say that I’m the biggest advocate of Airrosti. It has been my saving grace as it has helped me with numerous ailments.
As a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines, I’m constantly on the go. Everyone thinks of a flight attendant as a glamorous job, but in reality, it’s really quite physical. Every day we are dragging our heavy luggage (our 3-day home) throughout the airport, bending over numerous times to pick up trash off the floor, crossing customer’s seat belts between flights, or holding a tray of heavy drinks while trying to balance during turbulence. Not only is our job physical, but we sleep in a different bed every night so many times I have woken up with a stiff neck due to the mattress or variety of pillows not being consistent.
I have to say I am so extremely thankful for my brilliant and so talented provider Huy Le and Airrosti. When you are in pain, sometimes it’s debilitating and without relief, the world can seem like it’s over. It’s so nice to be able to make an appointment (which is always on time) and feel relief in a couple of appointments.
Playing volleyball most of my life, I’ve gone to many chiropractors in the past who have aligned me and sent me on my way without really getting to the root of my issue. At Airrosti, they find the root of the problem, physically work on you with their hands to untwist your muscles and make you feel as good as new.
Not only has Airrosti fixed me, but they have fixed both of my parents and we are forever grateful! Thank you Airrosti for saving us!
– Elizabeth Rose

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