Patient Story: Airrosti Abroad

Handwritten Airrosti Testimonial

Even though this patient lives thousands of miles from the nearest Airrosti office, she still believes in our treatment model. Read her story below to learn how Dr. Bill Kempe helped this CrossFit coach from Cambodia partner up with our Airrosti Supports Affiliates program.

I moved to Cambodia in 2014 to help start and serve as a full-time coach for the country’s first and only CrossFit gym, CrossFit Amatak. Located in Phnom Penh, the gym had members from over 35 countries – a true CrossFit melting pot!

In December 2015, I felt some sharp pain in my right hip when standing up from a front squat. Given our somewhat remote location in Southeast Asia, I didn’t have access to a place like Airrosti at the time, but I was able to do some physical therapy online. While this helped mitigate some of the lingering pain, I couldn’t get the pain to go away fully and continued to feel unstable when squatting and running.
As a fan of the CrossFit Games, I’d heard about Airrosti before and I was excited to learn about the Airrosti Supports Affiliates program during the 16.1 announcements. It sounded like a great program, even if it was one I couldn’t take advantage of geographically.
Luckily, after the Open, I was visiting my parents in Northern Virginia and was able to stop in at a local Airrosti clinic. Given that I was a visiting CrossFit coach from overseas, Airrosti gave me the go-ahead to participate in the Airrosti Supports Affiliates program for my treatments!

Dr. Kempe was able to fully resolve my hip pain in just 2 visits and set me up for success going forward – I left with a very clear plan in place to keep myself on track and pain-free! I’m excited to feel 100% for the first time in months – I can look forward to a big hike my husband and I have planned this summer without worrying about my nagging hip pain, and I’m excited to get back to squatting heavy in Southeast Asia upon our return.

Thanks, Airrosti, for supporting the CrossFit community and its coaches – both in the US and abroad!

– Jenny Tison

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