Patient Story: American Ninja Warrior

I would highly recommend Airrosti as a source for a speedy recovery.

After suffering a pretty extensive list of injuries, Airrosti’s Dr. Jestel got this ninja and marathoner back doing what he loves in just five short months!

I am a physical therapist and was a competitor on the show American Ninja Warrior for three seasons. After making it to the finals the year before, I was determined to repeat the same success.
I was working with Brian on some fine tuning strategies prior to competing in the qualifying round. My progress was great leading up to the event. I felt more flexible and more coordinated than ever.
Unfortunately, in May 2016, I suffered a major left knee injury while competing on the course that ultimately knocked me out of contention for the finals. I hyperextended my knee, subluxated my knee cap, grade 2 muscle strain on my calf, bone marrow swelling, and sprain of ACL/PCL/LCL. I was unable to bear weight or even perform the slightest exercise because of it. I was also registered to run the New York Marathon five months later and knew I needed to get back up to speed.
I began working with Brian immediately after my injury in hopes to get back to running quickly. He gave me the appropriate progressions and we problem solved together on how to adjust the treatment plan according to my gains and pains.
Long story short, I ended up running the NYC marathon less than five months after my injury. My run was pain free and can’t thank Brian enough! He is excellent at what he does and is very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Airrosti as a source for a speedy recovery.
– Jonathan Parr

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