Patient Story: Becoming a Marathoner

hand drawn medals for a marathon with text reading "I know I would not have been able to become a marathoner without the help of Dr. Offenburger." - Adriana Trevino

Training to run your first marathon is a journey in itself. Pushing your body to ramp up the mileage can sometimes lead to unexpected pain or injuries. Thankfully this runner got to Dr. Offenburger in time to eliminate her pain in time for her marathon! Read the full story below.

In September of 2015, I started training for my first marathon. Throughout my training, I encountered many difficulties that Dr. Offenburger treated me for and with his treatment. I bounced back quickly and was able to continue training.
Five weeks out from my first marathon, I developed painful and unbearable shin splints. I could not run at all due to the severe pain and I thought that everything I had worked so hard for was now for nothing. I was sure I would no longer be able to run my first marathon.
When I went in to see Dr. Offenburger he did not promise me I would be able to run my marathon but he did tell me he was going to treat my shin splints and do everything he could.
While I was not able to run for ten days, Dr. Offenburger suggested I cross train at the gym to maintain my fitness level. I did just that and am pleased to report that after two treatments with Dr. Offenburger I was pain-free and able to continue my marathon training.
On January 17, 2016, I completed the Louisiana Marathon in Baton Rouge and crossed the finish line with a time of 4:20:33. I know I would not have been able to become a marathoner without the help of Dr. Offenburger and am thankful to him for helping me achieve my goal.
– Adriana Trevino

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