Patient Story: Chronic Headache Relief

Airrosti has been a game changer in our household

When this eight-year-old was suffering from week-long headaches, her mother brought her to Airrosti’s Dr. Anatolia Vick in Pearland, Texas. Using Airrosti’s hands-on treatment method, Dr. Vick was able to ease tension in the patient’s neck, which eliminated the headaches altogether.

Airrosti has been a game changer in our household, vastly improving quality of life for both my husband and me. As a result, when my 8-year-old daughter was recently having severe, chronic headaches, I thought of Airrosti for her as a possible treatment option.

My daughter had experienced four separate week-long headaches within a three month period, and we desperately wanted to find relief for her. The headaches had been affecting every aspect of her life,  causing many missed days of school and an inability to consistently participate in extracurricular activities.

Within 24 hours of the first Airrosti treatment, my daughter had her first pain-free day in 11 days. She was finally able to stop taking pain relievers. She could definitely feel the difference in the reduced tension in her neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Dr. Vick was great about customizing the treatment to her age and tolerance level. My daughter was enthusiastic about her second and third treatments because she could appreciate the difference in how she felt. It has also been very helpful that my daughter has been given the tools to help manage her own health through the stretching exercises she has been taught.

Our family continues to be thankful we found Airrosti. We are delighted to have access to such an amazing resource.

-Barbara McLaughlin

At Airrosti, we alleviate tension headaches and migraines in an average of three visits, based on patient-reported outcomes. To eliminate your nagging pain, find an Airrosti provider near you or schedule an appointment today!

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