Patient Story: Compassion and Empathy

They treat their clients physical needs with compassion and empathy -- the very best kind of care you can get!

Living with pain can be an incredibly frustrating, emotionally taxing experience. Today’s story is a great example of how Airrosti providers, like Dr. McGaughran, support their patients every step of the way to eliminate your pain quickly and efficiently.

I have had a pulled muscle in my back several times before, but this time was different. A few days after pulling my back muscle again, I began to have a shooting pain coming around my hip, through my groin and down my thigh. I had a flooding, burning feeling just above my right knee that occasionally shot down the outside of my right knee. I had never experienced so much pain before.
After seeing my primary care physician, having an MRI, and getting only pain pills given, I was frustrated. My MRI showed no signs of disc issues, and the medicine was not helping the problem. Being into CrossFit, my son suggested Airrosti to my husband, so he called and made me an appointment at the nearest location, Dr. McGaughran in Tyler, TX.
I was so very impressed by his professionalism. I am a very modest person and I was concerned about what would need to be done in my groin area. Dr. McGaughran was very careful to work in that area respectfully, and really set my mind at ease. Each appointment I got better and better. As I began to heal and regain my flexibility, the pain would subside for longer periods of time.
I had a couple of emotional breakdowns in his office along the way, but he always reassured me that it was ok for me to be frustrated and that healing takes time. I am so very thankful for Dr. McGaughran and Jen. I honestly do not know what I would have done without them and their support.
Now, I recommend them to everyone I know having any kind of issue with body pain. I still continue to do the exercises that Jen gave me, and have regained almost all of my flexibility. They treat their client’s physical needs with compassion and empathy. In my humble opinion, that is – the very best kind of care you can get. Thank you Dr. McGaughran and Jen, from the bottom of my heart! May the Lord richly bless you both.
– Sherry Watson

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