Patient Story: Comprehensive Care

Many people don’t realize how truly connected different areas of our body are, so our providers work with each patient to make sure they truly understand the direct source of their pain. Airrosti’s own, Dr. Kempe, not only worked with this yoga teacher to relieve her hip, back, and neck pain; he also gave her the knowledge to prevent future pain and injuries. Read the full story below!

I came to Airrosti with a multitude of fluctuating injuries, pains, and misalignments. These problem areas were mainly my hips, upper back and neck, to name a few.
As a yoga teacher in my mid-twenties, I felt very confused and frustrated by the pain in my body because it’s my life’s work to help others find relief in their bodies. I couldn’t understand how my own physical condition was so volatile and susceptible to injury when I understood so much about healing and movement.
Dr. Kempe revealed to me the source(s) of my systemic pain in a very simplistic way. I was surprised to learn how much of the pain I endured was actually caused by lack of rotation in my spine. He was careful to thoroughly explain how parts of the body dictate the movement in other seemingly unconnected parts. This wasn’t a new concept to me, but he demonstrated the validity of it in my own body during each of our sessions. It was amazing and empowering to witness the evidence.
During our sessions we tested the mobility of a problem area, Dr. Kempe made sure to show me diagrams of the muscle system as a reference for understanding in my own body. He isolated and treated the spot through massage and pressure, and then prescribed an effective series of exercises designed to treat that very specific need. Some exercises were intended to strengthen and some to stretch or loosen the tissue.
No other system of healing is as comprehensive, nuanced, personalized and effective as Airrosti– and I’ve tried many. My yoga practice has changed completely– mentally and physically– as I’ve begun to understand the patterns of movement that are unique to my body composition. More than ever I understand and value small, concise movements that target very specific muscles, which dictate larger, more complex movements.
Airrosti empowered me with extensive knowledge to treat myself when pain arises. I’m grateful beyond words to the incredible Airrosti team! They are exceptional healers.
– Erin Mooney

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  • jane
    Posted at 15:21h, 16 December Reply

    excellent comments and so useful! I cannot agree more based upon my one session (so far) visit with Airrosti. The experiences you’ve shared shed light on a confused mind about whether to take surgery path or not. Thank you.

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