Patient Story: Delighted to Dance

Downtime is rarely found in the dancer’s vocabulary. Thankfully, after a few failed attempts to heal her daughter’s sprained ankle, this patient found Airrosti’s Dr. Shannon Payne. And after seeing how quickly Dr. Payne eliminated her daughter’s pain, she got treated as well! Read the full story below.

My story starts with my 15-year-old dancing daughter not anticipating a landing and spraining her ankle. Follow that with an emergency room visit, three weeks in a walking boot, three visits with an orthopedic doctor, and no improvement.
A co-worker recommended Dr. Payne to me. I took my daughter there and after our first appointment with Dr. Payne she walked out saying, “I didn’t know what to expect, but I never thought this.” For the first time in over a month she was able to put weight on her foot without severe pain.
After three visits she was released from care and danced in a three-day dance competition.
While my daughter was being treated we discussed pain I had been experiencing in my feet. Dr. Payne treated my severe plantar fasciitis and gave me exercises and recommended different shoes. After the second visit with her I experienced the first day in my memory that I did not have foot pain!
– Jeni Thompson

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