Patient Story: Doctors Who Truly Care

Airrosti providers are not only dedicated to relieving their patient’s pain, but also to providing exemplary and personalized care. Hannah I’m, a patient from Houston, Texas, recently sent us a letter about her awesome experience with Dr. Maxa. Read her story below.

I woke up one day inexplicably having trouble walking. I had lots of pain along my left leg starting from the hip and traveling to my knee. A friend recommended Airrosti. I went online and picked the facility closest to my home. Airrosti turned out to be THE BEST patient care experience of my life.
I indicated on a Saturday night that I was interested in an appointment. They tried to call me on Sunday, but when I missed the call, someone sent me a follow-up email saying they’d tried to call me. On Monday, before I could return their call, they contacted me to set up an appointment. They provided all instructions on their website, had me fill in my details online, and then called me back to explain that my insurance would only cover Airrosti treatment as out-of-network. They then proceeded to break down the costs for me session-by-session so that I knew exactly how much to expect to pay and even at what point my deductible would be completed.
Later that day, Dr. Maxa called to introduce herself, saying that she always wants her patients to have her direct number. She also promised to be on time, so long as I arrived on time, and promised every session with her would last one hour. That was unheard of for me – a doctor making an outreach call even before meeting and promising timeliness – amazing!
She’d read through my detailed description of the pain and was ready for me the next day. She explained how she could help me, under what conditions she’d have to refer me elsewhere, and what expectations I should have for my recovery. She was very clear and thorough. Her exam and treatment were as efficient as promised.
The Recovery Specialist, Jamie Lister, was also really great to work with because she made everything very easy for me. She taught me the exercises I should do at home, uploaded videos of the exercises for me to watch in case I’d forget what or how to do them, and gave me written instructions and manual aids before I left.
On my way back to the office, I realized I’d used the wrong credit card to pay for my treatment. When I called their office, the woman I spoke with immediately canceled the earlier transaction and reprocessed the payment using the right one. This took all of five minutes – while I was sitting in my car in the company garage. (I had been prepared for it take more like fifteen or twenty minutes and had already processed my own guilt for needing to be even later for work.)
Later that day, Dr. Maxa called again to follow-up and ask how I was feeling. Again, a doctor that checked in with me after the first visit was a new and welcome experience for me. After just three visits, I was discharged because the pain was almost completely gone and I was self-equipped to continue my regimen. However, I continued to see her because I also had upper back pain. It was the same great care, and again, within three visits, I was discharged for the same reasons.
It’s been almost two weeks since my first visit, and I am able to walk completely pain-free. My back issues will take a much longer recovery time, but I am confident that the regimen they taught me and the lifestyle changes I’ve since made will get me to a pain-free place. My experience with Airrosti, Dr. Maxa, and Jamie was so great that I almost wish I had other issues for them to help me heal!
Since meeting this team, I’ve told everyone that this was the best patient-care experience I’ve ever had. Aside from all I’ve already described, the entire office is the most organized, friendly, accessible, and responsive medical team I’ve ever encountered. Every invoice was emailed to me promptly; every appointment was well-documented in my patient portal; every session started and ended on time; every email I sent to Dr. Maxa or Jamie was replied to on the same day; every meeting ended with a customer feedback loop; every encounter was a pleasure. The best medical team on the planet for sure!
– Hannah Im
Photo Courtesy: Hannah Im (right) and her friend who suggested she try Airrosti.

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