Patient Story: Don’t Stop Dancing

After 3 treatments and diligent foam rolling, I am back to my normal dance schedule

This patient was pleasantly surprised when Airrosti’s Dr. Seibert got them back into their dancing shoes, fast. Read the full story below.

One of my hobbies is ballroom dancing. In one of my lessons, I severely pulled my gluteus medius/IT band. Since I couldn’t put weight on my leg, I thought this would take me out of the dancing world for at least 4-6 weeks.
Since I knew Dr. Seibert from a prior injury visit, I contacted her immediately and upon examination, she felt that I’d be back to normal activities within 2-3 visits. I didn’t quite believe that, but alas, after three treatments and diligent foam rolling I am back to my normal dance schedule! Thank you so much, Dr. Seibert and Meghan!
– Maike Height

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