Patient Story: Education and Pain Relief

As part of the Airrosti treatment plan, we educate our patients to better understand their bodies and help them prevent future injuries. Today’s story from patient Debbie Pipkin shows how our quality approach to care eliminates pain quickly and equips patients with the knowledge to keep pain at bay.

I am so happy that I found Airrosti! Airrosti had done a presentation for my company about the many treatment benefits: finding the root of the problem, quicker results, and educating the patient. This all sounded fine, but the clincher for me to try them was seeing the results of my co-workers.
In my team of seven, four of my coworkers had seen different Airrosti providers and all had amazing, quick results. One of my co-workers had been seeing different doctors for her injury for at least 6 months. Not only were they feeling better, they all were taught different stretches and exercised to prevent future injuries.
When I hurt my lower back, I immediately decided to try Airrosti and chose Kelly Grosch as my provider. My results were just as amazing as my co-workers! I had to endure three intense treatments, but that’s it! I also have to admit they were not fun at the moment, but immediately after the first appointment I was able to stand and move so much better.
Dr. Grosch then taught me stretches and exercises with the foam roller that have made a difference in my life. I truly try to do them every day. Another thing I love about Airrosti is that I feel more educated about how my body works. It was eye opening to find out my back pain was actually contributed my tight hip flexors. After the 3rd appointment, I was discharged and continued to stretch and roll.
Unfortunately, a few months later I had to have surgery and was not able to stretch for 10 weeks. Not being able to use my foam roller and stretch took a toll on my body and I ended up with issues from neck to hamstrings. Again, I chose Airrosti and Dr. Grosch.
It has been a longer treatment this time around, but I realize I am working on multiple areas. And longer means I have had 6 treatments and may have to go to 7 or 8. The results still have been quicker than if I had gone to a chiropractor or medical doctor. I have also learned additional stretches and exercises that benefit my whole body.
Overall, I feel Airrosti has been an amazing, positive experience. It’s taken me years to get my body to the injury level it was at. Thankfully, the undoing has not taken as long. I have learned so much on how to prevent future injuries and have shared my new knowledge with friends and family. Dr. Grosch is so awesome and has taught me so much. I literally wake up and automatically use my foam roller and start to stretch because I know how I will feel if I don’t. Airrosti has definitely made a difference for me and I would recommend it to anyone!
-Debbie Pipkin

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