Patient Story: Eliminating Tension Headaches

tension headache relief

Often times people assume that headaches can only be treated with medication. After living with daily headaches for nearly two decades, this patient was ready to try something new. After just eight visits with Airrosti’s Dr. Kristina Myles, she’s now pain free! Read her full story below.

I have been plagued with headaches and tension for over 20 years and thought it was something I would just have to live with permanently until I met Kristina Myles. These headaches were so bad that I would have to take a prescription in order to get rid of them, otherwise, I just lived with having a headache constantly. My husband was treated by Dr. Myles for a small pinched nerve issue and suggested I see her. He thought that she could possibly help with my headaches.
Well after about eight visits I can say I no longer have tension in my neck and shoulders, and my headaches are gone. I never even knew there were things like Airrosti that could help relieve pain as well as keep it away.
I am grateful to have found Dr. Myles. I know if I ever start to have challenges with headaches again or any type of back pain or muscle pain, her form of treatment is the answer.
– Heather Wise

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