Patient Story: Enjoying Running

After over a year of living in pain, Dr. Bazan’s patient is finally free of her boot and back on the treadmill! Check out her full story to see hear how Airrosti changed her life.

I injured my foot when a heavy pipe rolled off the back of the truck, striking the top of my left foot. It hurt and it was bruised, but I did the typical treatment of ice, rest, etc.
As time went on, and especially when I did incline treadmill steps, the pain became unbearable. Again I rested and iced, and I thought I was good to go. That lasted a year, and finally I knew that I was losing out on so many activities due to the pain.
After seeing an orthopedic doctor and getting two x-rays that showed no harm, I got cortisone injections. The pain would continue to return. Finally an MRI showed the stress fracture across the top of my foot. I was fitted for a boot and off I go for 6 weeks, but as soon as I began normal use the burning pain was back. Another MRI showed it had not healed. Now I was in a boot with a bone stimulator and instructed to put no weight on the foot.
I thought I was good to go until I was set loose, and then my pain shifted to the inside of my foot and felt like deep tissue—as I had learned the difference by now. I put myself back into the boot so I could travel on business. After a year in the boot, I was still in so much pain every time I tried to take part in normal activity.

The first treatment with exercises improved me 80%. I cannot express my joy as I knew I was in the right place. I stayed faithful to my exercises and made my treatment plan end sooner than expected.
I cannot say enough for the personal care and education I received. I am Airrosti’s biggest fan and encourage everyone to stop thinking living in pain is normal!
Thank you Dr. Bazan and Tim who have given me my freedom back. This week is the first time in 2 years I have been on a treadmill and enjoyed it!
– Gwen Burnell

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