Patient Story: Feeling 20 Years Younger

Airrosti has made this 55 year old feel more like a 35 year old.

When Airrosti’s Dr. Terra Schanzenbacher saw this patient struggling with plantar fasciitis, she suggested she come in for a consultation. A few sessions later, the patient is now walking pain free!

All my life, I’ve been an active person. I have played basketball, softball, swimming, and soccer. As with any sport, there are always injuries. I’ve had my fair share and then some. I was also a drill instructor for the USAF and marched everywhere for three years.
Fast forward 30 years and my body was about ready to give in. I’ve been to many doctors with minimal results for my various aches and pains. I was seriously contemplating a wheelchair just to get around.
I was hobbling around the gym one day and one of the trainers asked me what was wrong. On this day, my plantar fasciitis (in both feet) was really yelling at me. The coach said, “I can help with that.” She said she was a provider at Airrosti. No one has ever been that confident in saying that to me, so I decided to give it a shot.
After the initial assessment, the doctor said I really wasn’t walking, that I was more like stepping. She said it would be difficult and it would probably take more than the normal 3-4 treatments to get my feet back to somewhat normal functionally. We both agreed on a treatment plan and she went to work.
Even after the first treatment, I could tell there was a big difference. At my second visit, I asked if she could work on another area I was having problems. All in all, she worked on both feet, both hips and both shoulders.
Airrosti made this 55-year-old feel more like a 35-year-old! I cannot thank her enough for literally giving me my quality of life back!
– Donna Saey

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