This young soccer player loved the game too much to sit on the bench in pain. Thankfully, after a visit with Airrosti’s Dr. Olson, he’s back on the field!

My son is a very active soccer player. He has been suffering from heel pain for over two years. He’s had MRIs, sonograms, and x-rays. He has seen a handful of orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists. We’ve spent countless amounts on shoes, shoe inserts, and ankle braces. The hardest part for my son was all the time away from the field his pain caused.

We were finally directed to Airrosti Therapy with Dr. Olson. Under Dr. Olson’s guidance and care, my son was finally able to play the game he loves PAIN FREE! The suggested strengthening exercises have kept his issues away for months!

You never plan for your kids to have sports-related injuries, but next time I’ll make Dr. Olson my first visit rather than my last!

– Jennifer McDaniel