When this father-daughter duo decided to run a half-marathon together, one of them ended up with shin splints. Thanks to Airrosti’s Dr. Troy Barnes, the both finished the race pain free!

I had convinced my 52-year-old father to run a half marathon with me in Yosemite National Park for my 21st birthday. I assumed if anyone would have issues training, it would be him, but while he excelled in his training, I got injured. I had what I thought were shin splints and was naively hoping that it was not a stress fracture.

At 6 weeks prior to the race, I had to stop running because of the pain in my shin, so I went to see Dr. Barnes and Kevin at Airrosti. I saw them three times to learn exercises and for deep tissue massage therapy and a few weeks later I ran the entire 13.1 miles of my half-marathon! There is no way I could have made it without their help. Not running for 6 weeks before this race made finishing it sound impossible, but with their help, I pushed through!

My dad and I are both extremely grateful to Dr. Barnes and Kevin for all of their help in getting us prepared for this AWESOME race. Great doctors, great people, and great place!

– Meranda Bassett