Patient Story: Healed and Cheering

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The ankle is a pretty vulnerable joint, especially for tumbling cheerleaders. This week’s patient story talks about how Dr. Jonathan Welch pinpointed the root of this cheerleader’s pain and got her back to her squad in no time! Read the full story below.

My daughter, a cheerleader, rolled her ankle during a tumbling pass. Her ankle literally looked like she had a small apple on the side of it. The next morning she could not put any weight on it.
I took her to our orthopedist where she was diagnosed with a grade 2-3 sprain and placed in a boot. Another mother on our cheer team referred me to Dr. Welch after I told her what the orthopedist had told us.
We saw Dr. Welch a few days later and he immediately started working with my daughter’s ankle injury. Three¬†weeks after Dr. Welch saw my daughter (almost 4 weeks after the injury) she was back to most of her activities and even a little tumbling with very little discomfort. Five weeks after the injury she was released from the orthopedist to normal activity including cheer.
The orthopedist himself said he was surprised at how fast she had healed. I would recommend Airrosti to anyone needing treatment of sprains or needing PT for other injuries. Thank you Dr. Welch for helping my daughter return to her activities faster than she normally would have!
– Karla Grant

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