Patient Story: Healing Those Who Care

At Airrosti, we live to help people, so it’s an honor to treat someone with the same calling in life. Recently we received this story from a patient who has dedicated her life to helping children in Haiti. However, intense back pain was keeping her from her work. Thankfully, Airrosti’s doctor, Bill Kempe, was able to eliminate her pain and get her back to caring for those children.

I thought I was a 35-year-old woman stuck in a 90-year-old body until I found Airrosti! I live and work in Haiti with street kids. My daily life involves a lot of activity.
During a sabbatical stateside, I picked up a toddler and hurt my back. I thought after two times to a chiropractor I would be fine, but after two months, my lower back issues spread to my upper back. The pain got so intense I thought I had a broken rib.
Meanwhile, my left toe was numb and I couldn’t pick up kids at all. Sleeping was uncomfortable, sitting up was painful, and standing or walking was exhausting. How can I care for my kids when I get back if I can’t play sports with them or even pick them up!?
Through two degrees of separation I was told about Airrosti. Thank God! After only four appointments, a lot of intense muscle treatment, and some new stretches and exercises I am in great shape and getting stronger daily.
The best part? The Airrosti staff is amazing. I live a life based on helping others through relationship. Bill Kempe and Joseph didn’t just get me in and out of the office, they were personable. That immediately made me comfortable working with them. Thus, my conclusion is, not only is Airrosti an amazing treatment, but they hire phenomenal and highly qualified staff! – Jennifer Eason

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