When fitness is your career, there’s no time to stop for pain. Airrosti’s Dr. Wallace tackled this personal trainer’s back pain and eliminated it quickly. Read the full story below. 

I initially came to Dr. Wallace with chronic back pain that flared up every time I did an intense exercise. As a personal trainer, these moves are very detrimental to my work.

After 3 sessions, my back pain was diagnosed, treated, and I had a treatment plan in place to keep my spine healthy using basic active recovery tools and exercises.

I have since gone in for issues with my glutes and forearm, both of which are treated. I am now able to train without restrictions.

Dr. Wallace uses straightforward, scientifically studied and substantiated techniques to alleviate problems with your active tissues. This is different than so many other chiropractors with whom I have worked. Normally they produce very short-lived relief, requiring you to return for adjustments indefinitely. Dr. Wallace wants to fix your ailments in as few sessions as possible.

I highly recommend calling Dr. Wallace immediately and schedule an appointment if you have any consistent pain.

– James Roysdon