Patient Story: Hello High Heels

I am more active and able to wear heels again. Tiny drawing of shoes.

After living with foot pain for two years, this patient is finally able to wear dressy shoes again! After just two visits with Airrosti’s Dr. Natalie Bodziony she is back doing the activities she loves. Read her full story below.

I had been dealing with foot pain for two years now. I have seen a podiatrist and rheumatologist over the years; not to mention my family doctor who diagnosed me with gout. The gout may have contributed to the overall pain, but it caused me to walk in a manner differently. I have trained myself to alleviate the pain by walking “funny.”
When I got the email from my company that Airrosti was offering treatment, I jumped right on it. After a few visits and homework exercises, my feet have never felt better. I am more active again and I am able to wear my heels for dressy occasions again.
Dr. Bodziony did follow up calls and emails, walked me through every exercise and provided me with instructions after discharging me. The care and concern added to the treatment regimen making my recovery go faster. Although, I felt wonderful after 2 visits, she wanted to make sure before discharging me that I had no issues, complaints or pain.
I will recommend anyone and everyone to give this a try. This should be your first option before seeking elsewhere especially if you want a speedy recovery.
– Shearrhea Stelly

  • Cynthia Dinsmore
    Posted at 22:26h, 24 October Reply

    Having upper neck and back pain was really driving me crazy, and I could not figure out a way to relieve the pain. My son referred me to Airrosti in Seattle and I was treated by Dr. Brandon Schiflett. Dr. Schiflett took the time to listen to me and then explain what the problem seemed to be, in clear and concise language. In just two visits my pain was gone and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could actually turn my head, from side to side, and look over my shoulder. I had not realized what little range of motion I had, and now was able to do the little things, like checking for on-coming traffic while driving my car! Sam Dinsmore, CRS, was extremely helpful in providing me with instruction for the follow-up exercises, which work well to keep the muscles loose and relaxed. It has been a pleasure to work with these two gentlemen, and I am happy to recommend them to my friends and family.

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