Patient Story: Doing Your Homework

At firs the roller killed me but I learned to love it and now I do it all the time!

At Airrosti, we work with you to develop a treatment plan for both in and out of the office. By sticking with your prescribed active rehab exercises, you help speed your recovery process. After visiting Airrosti’s Dr. Barnes, this patient was dedicated to his foam roller and is now pain free!

I had been experiencing lower back pain for years. It was always the worst 24 hours after running or swimming. I suspected through my own internet research that I was a victim of anterior pelvic tilt that left me “sway-backed”. Dr. Barnes confirmed my suspicions and set me on a path to recovery through stretches and roller/ball exercises.
At first, the roller killed me! But – I learned to love it and now I do it all the time. I even carry it with me when I travel. Every visit with Dr. Barnes was a personal experience. I never felt rushed and always felt like he was genuinely invested in my recovery.
It took a few weeks for me to loosen what needed to be loosened and re-engage the muscles that weren’t working efficiently, but it was worth it!
Here’s the thing about Airrosti – Dr. Barnes can only do so much. He helps you develop a plan and gives you homework. It’s really up to YOU to make it happen between visits by being committed to your own recovery and diligently following the plan that you developed.
It was definitely worth it. I would recommend it to anyone as a first stop before seeking back surgery.
– Brett Dixon

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