Patient Story: In Working Order

At Airrosti, we not only focus on pain relief, but we also educate our patients on how the muscles and tendons all work together. Recently, one of Dr. Kristopher Reeves’ patients sent us her Airrosti story. Thanks to Dr. Reeves, her neck pain is gone and she is now equipped with exercises to stay pain-free on her own.

I had been working long hours at my computer and I began to have neck and shoulder pain. My neck became so painful and stiff that I could not turn my head.
I had been seen by a doctor and had a couple of massages with very little improvement.
I had heard that Airrosti was very effective. I was not sure what to expect, but I found out they do not do any “adjustments.” Instead, Airrosti works with the muscles. When they work with them, they are able to restore the range of motion. The pressure on the muscles felt strong, but it was nothing compared to how bad I felt when I could not even turn my head.
The great thing is that four visits later I am good as new!
Another cool thing was that I was taught exercises I could do myself to keep my muscles in good order. I used them to help whenever I feel a kink in my shoulder or neck coming on from too much computer work. I learned so much about my muscles and how to keep them in working order. I am also pleased with the responsiveness of the office and Dr. Reeves! Great customer service!
– Cindy Puga

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