Patient Story: Injury Education

I highly recommend Dr. Owen.

After hours of volunteering at the CrossFit Games Regionals, this patient was experiencing aggravating knee pain. After a few sessions with Dr. Hillary Owen, she now better understands her injury and feels much more stable.

I recently attended one of the CrossFit regionals as a volunteer and was lucky enough to receive treatment from Dr. Hillary Owen whilst there.
I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees and have been struggling with mobility, this was aggravated by the hours spent on my feet volunteering at the regionals. Dr. Owen treated me for a good length of time, identifying the issues that were causing my difficulties, pain and aggravating the OA. She spent time educating me on how I can help myself and how I can mobilize myself daily so that I can live my life with OA – the OA is not going away but there is much I can do to reduce the pain levels.
Only a week after from my treatment with Dr. Owen and already I can identify significant progression and I am certainly less wobbly on my feet and in less pain. I highly recommend Dr. Owen and I am very grateful to her for the time she took to help and educate me!
If you are near Dr. Owen’s office and you have any pain issues then you should make an appointment!
– Lorna Hadley

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