Patient Story: Eliminating Years of Knee Pain

Mike Bidwell, an active individual and avid CrossFitter, recently sent us his story about his Airrosti experience. Dr. Mike Turjanica in Ohio was able to relieve his knee pain and keep him moving even when two surgeries couldn’t. 

I have struggled with knee pain for most of my adult life. When I was 18 years old I had my first knee surgery due to a cyst growing under my knee. After that knee surgery, I have struggled off and on with knee pain and physical limitations.
In trying to get in shape I started training for a marathon in 2009. During the training process knee issues were easily the largest obstacles I had to work through. I successfully completed the Flying Pig Marathon in 2009, but my knee paid dearly for all the extra stress I put on it during the race and the training.
Shortly after the marathon I had my second knee surgery. I was told that I should no longer continue long distance running or biking.
Knowing I needed to find some type of physical exercise I could stick with and enjoy, I started doing CrossFit at CrossFit Power Performance in Loveland, Ohio. I quickly fell in love with the gym and the positive gains I was feeling due to the strong community at CFPP.
Several months into training I could feel my knee starting to give me issues again. My last knee surgeon told me that the next operation would be a knee replacement surgery so I felt like that at 36 my journey at CrossFit was going to come to a very sad conclusion.
Fortunately my world changed during one of the CrossFit classes when Michael Turjanica came to the class to offer help for muscle pains that CrossFit athletes experience. I spoke with Dr. Mike and scheduled my first appointment to see if he could help my knee that I had practically give up on.
During the first appointment Dr. Mike was very honest with me and had me go in for screenings and X-rays. With Dr. Mike’s help we started treatment. The Airrosti treatment had me feeling improvement by just the 3rd session. Dr. Mike gave me stretches and exercises to do at home to help me on my road to knee rehabilitation.
By the end of treatment my knee no longer felt like it was going to limit me from continuing with CrossFit or any of the other physical activities I enjoy so much. I am very thankful to Dr. Mike and the Airrosti treatment for helping me to take control of my knee rehabilitation. I no longer feel like my knee pain is keeping me from doing the things I love.
– Mike Bidwell

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